Creative and personal growth

Through various artistic tools such as painting, collage, clay, photography and video... without forgetting the body, movement, voice, play, relaxation and visualization, I accompany to open, unlock and expand creativity. Inviting to experience just what happens, and express what arises. The fundamental interest is not to create a beautiful object, neither the contemplation of pure aesthetics, but the creative process by which the person connects with his most genuine self and expresses it, making an emotional exit and transforming it into an artistic production.

I offer space for Presence, so as to grow in self-knowledge and gain flexibility in answers for our lives.

Eliana Perinat, Visual artist

I have been a professional artist, with exhibitions in galleries, museums and international fairs for more than 20 years. Although my work is mostly painting, it also includes sculpture, installation and video.

Because of my interest in psychology and art healing, I began learning Art Therapy at Metáfora School, Barcelona. Followed by five years of training in the Hephaísto School. Its Creative Integration method has a Humanistic framework with priority in Gestalt Orientation, also including Psychodynamic Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Psycho-corporal disciplines such as Bioenergetic Analysis.

Since 2013, I offer Insight Art workshops for groups and individual creative sessions for both adults and children.

Fluent in English and Spanish.


"It seems incredible that this way of working can directly activate the energy level . You are meditating, doing something creative, sharing sensations and in the end, all is transformed into energy.
The workshop is a liberating game. It has the effect therapy, without having the emotional heaviness of a therapy."

"Eliana, thank you very much for this workshop, I found it very interesting as I went along, but I still think about it and I can clearly feel the impact it is having on me. Especially concerning the body!! They sessions seem like magical. One paints, models with clay or creates a collage as time passes without realizing it, and suddenly you are in front of a drawing or form that is a total surprise and that makes you think, and in some way it changes you. I like that there are few "words” and lots of experimentation. Also, the location and the workshop itself makes you feel in peace!! Many thanks and a big hug." ~ María

"Sessions take place in an atmosphere that favors a connection with oneself. Materials and space allow you to express yourself and to flow. Eliana guides you, accompanies you."